The World Chen Xiao Wang Taijiquan Association – UK Branch (WCTAUK) is a premier School of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong based in London since 1994. WCTAUK is a branch of the Worldwide Association with schools over the 5 continents with thousands of students. Its worldwide president is Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, the 19th generation descendant of the founder and creator of Chen Style Taijiquan the origin of all Tai Chi styles.

We are proud to teach the original Taijiquan as taught traditionally hundreds of years ago based on Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Medicine and ancient philosophy.

We are a modern, approachable, forward thinking school and believe that this ancient art is still relevant to our well-being in modern times. We hope that our website will give you a helpful and useful insight as to what we can offer you. We aim to live up to our commitments to offer Tai Chi at its best .