Grand_Mater Chen Xiao_Wang and his disciple Patrick Wan

WCTA UK branch was established in 1994 with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang as the world wide president. The Association teaches the original Tai Chi in its full tradition but with a scientific and modern approach.

Grand master Chen Xiao Wang was born in 1946 in Chenjiagou Village in Henan province, China known as the birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan. He is a 19th generation descendant of Chen Wan Ting, the creator and founder of Tai Chi Chuan.

Patrick Wan is Director of WCTA UK Branch, a senior disciple of Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang for over 20 years. Grandmaster Chen has been his mentor and is a close friend.

He has a combined Martial art experience of 40 years, that include Tai Chi, Qigong, Wing Chun and other systems.

Our UK Branch head quarter is in South London and we are slowly expanding in other parts of London and outside London.

We offer regular classes and private classes and workshops. We also offer private individual and residential coaching and business management curses.

Telephone: 07786615015
WCTA UK branch registered address: 28 Crescent Way, London SW16 3AJ