Antidote to stress

A study on investment bankers in the city of London reveals that despite the impact of stress on their work and home lives, around 70% believe that admitting to suffering from anxiety or mental health issues will damage their career prospects. So they tend to “bottled” their stress and ultimately affecting their health.

For many heads of businesses and entrepreneurs, there is no “switch off time” and this can lead into the “burnout territory” before they can reap the rewards of their labour. Burnout can lead to lack of clarity and making poor or snap decisions. A business owner needs to be in control and physical and mental wellbeing is crucial to this.

Work pressure, family pressure, relationship issues, financial issues, if not managed, can lead to anxiety, depression, feeling of losing control and feeling trapped; this is something we all may have felt in some varying degrees. Sometimes the burden is so heavy that life becomes unbearable.

Escapism, alcohol, even recreational drugs have been used but never resolved the fundamental issues.

So how can Tai Chi and Qigong help you?

First we restore balance in your body.
Secondly we rebalance your mind.
Thirdly we reestablish balance in your energy flow.

When those 3 balances are restored, then you will be in tune with your nature and increase your ability to cope with your issues. You will then understand the old Chinese adage:
"Stay childlike and be one with Heaven without seeking gain all is given"

Our approach is logical and scientific, we start Taiji and Qigong training at the physical level slowly penetrating your mind and inner-self. You will always be in control of yourself and with your deepening self-understanding, this will lead you to your own realization what is the right thing to do.

Taiji and well being

A recent study of 12,461 patients from 52 countries, reveals that the risk of heart attack tripled by exercising while angry. Experts say extreme emotional triggers could have same effect on the body as physical exertion. Attempting to “blow off steam” through vigorous exercise could triple the risk of a heart attack within the hour, the same experts say.

Since ancient times, it is understood that Mind and body are intrinsically linked to one another; if your mind is not at peace, the body is also affected.

How is Taiji different from other exercises?
Taiji training works on the flow of Energy (Qi) in our body. In traditional Chinese medicine, if energy (Qi) is blocked, illness ensues. This is why some people with illnesses go through Acupuncture therapy or Herbal remedy in an attempt to unblock the energy and to restore balance.
In Taiji we train to move the energy, restoring the balance naturally, and to be strong again. In Taiji, there is an adage: “strong mind, strong body”; this came from Taiji source when it was practiced as a martial art for the battle field.


School Teacher

I had only been to a few Qigong lessons before coming to Patrick’s lessons. I knew little about Qigong and Taiji. I had thought they would be good for my general health, but had no idea of their depth, power and underlying philosophy. To gain an appreciation of these qualities, you need a teacher who fully lives and breathes them. Patrick is such a teacher.

I came to Qigong for my health as I was working extremely long hours in a very stressful environment. I have found Qigong and Taiji to be of great benefit to my general health. Together they strengthen mind and body in a very subtle and powerful way. When I was looking for a Qigong teacher, someone told me that it was essential to find and excellent teacher and authentic one. They also told me that I would know when I found one. Though I am a beginner, it is 100% clear that Patrick is such a teacher. He is a master of Qigong and Taiji and is able to effortlessly combine beginners and advance students without compromise.

Music instrument builder

I find training with Patrick is well balanced between warm up, often with Qigong and Taiji silk Reeling and form with some practical applications. Every part of the training is conducted in a calm and respectful environment with also some fun with some practical applications. Every session is very effective to readjust our body and mind to the deep meaning of the authentic Chen Taiji and I am very grateful to Patrick for the attention and patience in continously correcting and remind us of the right way for training.

I had a few years suffered of lower back pains and I had visited a chiropractor often to improve and heal my back but since I started Taiji practice, I haven’t had any problems and I am improving my posture and motor skill greatly. The other major benefit I gained practicing Taiji is a better mental attitude and a more relaxed mind and body, something we can all do with in this hectic life. I appreciate having a teacher that has a high level Taiji skills and being a true representative of the Chen Taiji as he has been a student of Grand master Chen Xiaowang, there is no better way to understand and learn Taiji. Patrick is always ready to explain in different ways all aspect of the art to make us understand and gain skills required to advance in the art. Knowledgeable in all aspect of Taiji from physical practice, historical and philosophical background, Patrick is an all rounded teacher and is a great pleasure to be part of his class and receive such a beneficial teaching.

Karate Black Belt and Hospital administrator

I find the training challenging and thought provoking. It has made me more insightful regarding my Karate training and enabled me to take a calmer and more introspective view of my training in general. Overall I find I am calmer and have developed more self-awareness.

As a teacher, Patrick is patient and listens and answers all queries with insight and understanding. He clearly has belief and knowledge of if his art and thoughtfully passes this on.

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I have been practicing Taiji and Qigong for a number of years and participated in competition at varying Level with a gold a medal at the World Taiji Championship in Taipei. The training offered by Sifu Patrick Wan is all encompassing, very invigorating and cater to the needs of all pupils at all levels from beginners to more advance. I find the training very hands-on, interactive and conducted in a friendly but yet professional atmosphere.

I have benefited enormously from the teaching of Sifu Patrick Wan. The training provides me with relaxing techniques, knowledge and discipline which are transferable to cope with the challenges of everyday life. I turned up at each lesson leaving with new experiences and enhanced development in the rudiments to the more progressive elements of Taiji and Qigong to help my practice, skill level and health. Sifu Patrick Wan is a teacher and coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Taiji and Qigong. He is generous in imparting his immense knowledge and experience; he is approachable and he has mastered the heart of making all of his pupils feeling at ease. Classes are interactive but conducted in a relaxed but professional way and all pupils are given the opportunity to field questions and given opportunity to address learning and development needs without feeling awkward. A “rare” teacher and coach.