Beginners Level:

9 movements Chen Taijiquan Form
Silk Reeling – 1 st part
18 Movement Tai Chi Qigong
Standing Qigong

Intermediate Level:

19 movements Chen Taijiquan Form
Long Form (Yilu Laojia) part 1 and 2
Cannon fist (Paocui) short form.
Silk Reeling – 2nd part
Push Hands
Self Defense

Advance Level:

Long Form (Yilu Laojia) part 2 and 3
Long fast Form (Er Lu Laojia)
New Frame (Xinjia Yilu)
New Frame fast form (Xinjia Erlu)
Push Hands - Advance
Free Fight

Weapons forms:

This is taught on request at intermediate and advance level.
Single Broad Sword
Single Sword
Double Broad Sword
Big Sword (Yin Yue Dao or Kwan Dao)
Saturday : Tai Ji - Beginners

Norbury: SW16
Time: 9.30am - 10.30am

Sunday : Tai Ji - Advanced

Norbury: SW16
Time: 9.30am - 10.30am

Private Classes : Tai Ji - Suitable for all levels

Individual or in small group
Time: Monday to Friday evenings
Contact us to arrange.

Courses : Tai Ji - Suitable for all levels

Weekend residential courses in London
(Accommodation provided free in training hall)
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Certificates : Tai Ji

WCTAUK certified instructors courses
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Business management courses on

Understanding self and the others
Self management and ...
Awareness and Mindedness
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